New Big Local mini-newspaper launches in Wormholt & White City

The first edition of Locally Chosen News is now available (read the PDF version). Subscribe to the email version by filling out this form or pick one up from around the area at various locations including White City Community Centre.

Locally Chosen News is a new printed and digital newsletter of content submitted by residents and organisations of Wormholt, White City and surrounding streets. The content that makes it into the newsletter will be selected by an editorial panel of local people. It is out every 2 months.

You can submit content for the next issue before April 20th, which will be out early May.

Contents will include:

  • A calendar of regular and one-off activities and events happening in the area over the next two months
  • Stories about people’s lives, experiences or plans
  • Stories about what is happening in the area
  • Opinion letters
  • Interviews
  • Anything else which of interest to you and the editorial panel.