As a resident led project focused on a having a positive and lasting impact on our local community there are of course many ways for local people to get involved – and we’d love you to join the team! First of all, share your ideas with us by completing the short survey below and then read on to discover ways of getting involved.


Due to the flexible nature of this project, there are always new and rewarding ways for local residents to play their part so keep in touch to hear about new opportunities.

  • Join our Partnership Board

Our Partnership Board are a committed group who help guide the project forward, making decisions around project delivery and supporting our staff team. Nominations to join the Board are accepted in March each year and we are always delighted to welcome new faces to ensure that we have a broad and diverse voice representing our community. To find out more about the Partnership Board, the level of commitment required and the process of putting your name forward please contact our Big Local Manager.

  • Join a Steering Group

To ensure residents voices remain at the forefront of the delivery of this project, we have established Steering Groups to work in partnership with our three members of staff.

Talk to Carly to find out more about joining the Commissioning Management Group (decision making around our partnerships with other organisations and outsourcing some of our delivery work to professionals who are already doing great stuff in the local area) or our Enterprise, Employment and Training Group (planning and building upon initiatives to support local people in the area of training and employment with an emphasis on entrepreneurship)

Talk to Angela to find out more about joining the Activities and Volunteers Group (coordinating Big Local activities that engage a diverse mix of people from our local community and decision making around how best to recruit and support new volunteers)

Talk to Lucy to find out more about joining the Events and Creative Media Group (coordinating our key annual events including W12 Festival, providing creative direction to the overall project and leading on social media, marketing ideas and blogging on our website)

  • Become a Big Local Volunteer

Check out more information here about becoming a Big Local Volunteer.

Contact the team:

Carly Bond – – 07817 839 500

Angela Burns – – 07507 844 920

Lucy Mullaly – – 07508 725 806