Community Faces – Robert Joseph

Community Leader at last year’s W12 Festival, now helping to run a Christmas party for the community

“Well, I got involved with Big Local from day one, since Big local started in 2012, helping out with things like the festival for the last five years.

I like how the Festival brings the community and the borough together, as the festival has grown over the years to be an event that’s well known throughout Hammersmith and Fulham.

This year was the first year where we had activities going on across two sites: in Wormholt Park and Bridget Joyce Square. It worked well because we had an after party on Bridget Joyce Square and it had a carnival feeling to it.

I feel the festival should always be carefully managed by the main organisers. This year, Big Local involved local people in leadership positions, which came with its own challenges.  We had to try to come to decisions as a group and often we disagreed because everyone has different opinions about what they wanted to see at the festival.

Through the festivals, I have seen how events are organised, put together and run. I have got to see behind the scenes of how things are set up like contacting groups, getting community organisations involved, getting volunteers involved and getting funding.

I am now leading on a community Christmas event this year, because Big Local decided to have a break from doing it this year and I thought why not try to put it on and keep it going because everyone loves it and they would expect some sort of Christmas event.

Big Local have helped the community since they have been around. They give a lot of opportunities for the diverse community here like the Eid party they recently put on, funding the Start Your Own Business Course and first aid courses.”

For more info about the Christmas Party or to volunteer your support email