Our initial Big Local Plan was written in 2013 and endorsed by the Local Trust in October of that year. From January 2014 we began working to this key document, employed our staff team and turned project plans into action!

As predicted, there was a lot of change during our first two years of delivering our plan, with more and more people having a say about, and taking a lead on, what we do in the community. We conducted three full review days and appointed an independent reviewer to look specifically at one of our projects, our Befriending project. Through this regular reviewing we have learnt that we can improve our outcomes for local people by being a bit more “joined up” in our approach.

As we embarked on our third year of this exciting Big Local project we revised our plan to better reflect the vision held by our Partnership Board, and the steps needed to realize this vision! In the Summer of 2016 we commissioned a full scale review of our work. The review consultants made recommendations about how we shift the direction of our programme to have more impact. A copy of this report can be found here

A plan was then created to cover our current period, May 2017 until April 2018, setting out the key priorities for this year and the objectives for each area, learning both from our review and the experiences we have had so far.

Check out our original Big Local Plan here

And our current Year 4 Plan here