One of our most significant partners is also our match funder, Hammersmith United Charities. Hammersmith United Charities (H.U.C.), a non-profit making charity with two main charitable branches
Almshouse Branch – the provision of sheltered Almshouse accommodation for the elderly poor of the former Metropolitan Borough of Hammersmith (the “area of benefit“)

Relief in Need/Grants Branch – to apply surplus income to relieving need, hardship or distress by making grants to those in need in the area of benefit.

HUC have been instrumental in helping us get projects up and running in our first year by acting as the administrator for three parts of our funding: The Community Chest, Youth Bank, and Enterprise fund. Their Grants Manager Melanie Nock has experience of working on large community projects, and works very closely with our Big Local Manager Emma. Melanie is also an advisor to the Partnership Board. Julian Hillman and Sam Deards are Trustees of HUC and sit on our Partnership Board.

White City Enterprise a new and ambitious registered charity operating in the White City Opportunity Area

Their vision is:
1. A new world of local responsibility, choice and control with public services in White City redesigned and reshaped around the needs of people.

2. local public service providers are free to develop tailored responses appropriate to the challenges of our changing community

3. local people feel empowered to take responsibility for their own lives and to make better choices about local services

4. fundamentally different ways of working with the LB Hammersmith and Fulham, other local public service providers, partners and our other stakeholders to provide more responsive, more efficient and more creative services

White City Enterprise is our ‘Locally Trusted Organisation’, or LTO. They help us by looking after our money, employing our staff and dealing with financial reporting to our funders.

Hammersmith Community Gardens Association (HCGA)
Hammersmith Community Gardens Association is a local environmental charity set up in 1984. We manage four community gardens in Hammersmith and Fulham.  HCGA has a range of projects which include conservation training schemes, volunteer gardening sessions, health and wellbeing projects, environmental playschemes and environmental education in local schools.  We assist local groups in the design, plan and management of their green spaces.  We promote environmental sustainability within the borough and manage our sites to maximise biodiversity and encourage wildlife.

Our Big Local has worked very closely with HCGA for the past two years. Namely, we have commissioned them to oversee our Open Spaces project, which we refer to as ‘The Big Green Local’. This involves working closely with local residents to improve the open spaces on the estate, as well as delivering regular outdoor sessions and activities.



Parkview Community Champions programme uses a community development approach to improving health and wellbeing and tackling health inequalities. The programme is delivered by community champions; trained volunteers who work closely with the local NHS, councils and the voluntary sector to improve health and wellbeing. Big Local and Parkview Community Champions have worked very closely together. Parkview Community Champions have supported a number of our large events, including overseeing a whole section of the W12 Festival in 2015.