Our project is led by residents from Wormholt and White City. We have a Partnership Board and voting members have to live, work or play in the area. Nonvoting members are people who have skills that could be useful to the Partnership or work for organisations that provide services to the area. There have to be between 8 – 12 voting members and at least 51 % of the Partnership has to be living within the ward of Wormholt and White City. This helps to keep to one of the keys aims of the project, to truly enable our community to better identify local needs and take action in response to them.

Hanan and Florrie Square

 Hanan Ghouneim & Florrie Mahon


Caroline Kennedy

Laurence Square

Laurence Whitaker


We currently employ 3 members of staff who help coordinate the project on behalf of the Partnership Board and alongside local residents.

Carly Portrait

Carly Bond is our Big Local Manager

Carly reports the the Partnership Board and is responsible for leading the project forward and managing the team and our budget. Carly is also responsible for additional fundraising and sponsorship, creating and maintaining positive working partnerships with our sponsors and helping us to remain focused on the vision we have for our area. Carly leads on capacity building and enterprise and is involved in setting up and delivering a variety of courses and mentoring partnerships in the area of training, employment and entrepreneurship.

Carly works full time from Monday to Friday at White City Community Centre and can be contacted via email – carly@ourbiglocal.org.uk

W12 Festival-6599

Angela Burns is our Activities and Volunteer Coordinator

Angela recruits and coordinates Big Local volunteers and arranges all the training that they might need in order to excel as a volunteer. Angela also plans and facilitates activities for all ages and helps local residents to move forward with their ideas for activities that would have a positive impact on the community. Angela also manages our Community Chest – small pots of money awarded to local residents who need financial support in getting their great idea of the ground.

Angela works part time from Tuesday to Friday at White City Community Centre and can be contacted via email – angela@ourbiglocal.org.uk

Lucy Portrait

Lucy Mullaly is our Marketing and Events Coordinator.

Lucy helps to coordinate our key annual events and offers support to local residents who are planning their own events and activities, funded by our Community Chest. Lucy also looks after our website, social media and communications and is the person to speak to if you’re interested in blogging or contributing creatively to Wormholt and White City Big Local’s community newsletter, Locally Chosen News.

Lucy works part time from Tuesday to Thursday at White City Community Centre and can be contacted via email – lucy@ourbiglocal.org.uk