What is Big Local?

Big Local is a Lottery funded 10 year project which aims to bring together local talent, skills and energy from individuals, groups and organisations to make their area a better place to live and work in. There are 150 Big Local projects across the UK each with £1million to spend on improving their community.

How is the project organised?

It is run by a Partnership of local residents who make decisions about how to spend £1million of Lottery funding. Each Partnership begins with a consultation period, talking to residents to find out what improvements they would like to see so that a plan can be created based on real and felt needs in the community.

What does the project look like in Wormholt and White City?

In Wormholt and White City we were extremely fortunate to have our initial £1million match funded by Hammersmith United Charities meaning we have £2million to spend over 10 years.  After a lot of consultation, residents decided to focus our plan on the following six key areas:

Capacity Building
Improving the Open Spaces
Enterprise and Training
Improving the lives of children and families
Community safety
Setting up a Befriending Scheme

Although our consultation stage was hugely informative and enabled residents to make an initial plan, we discovered through delivery of that plan over the first two years, that there was greater need for flexibility. In our second year we carried out an independent review of one of our projects, the Befriending Project, and this gave us some insightful recommendations for improving the organisation of the project as a whole.

As the community grows and develops and as new residents engage with Wormholt and White City Big Local, we are finding that natural tweaks and shifts to the delivery of our overall vision need to be made. In light of this we devised a one year plan for our third year allowing for some changes to be made, and we also commissioned a full scale review of our programme to ensure that we were on track.

One of the key lessons from this evaluation process was that the impact of working across the 6 areas listed above, with such a wide remit, meant that it had been hard to achieve the impactful outcomes we had hoped for because the team was spread too thinly. We looked carefully at our priorities and how we could have a more focused plan which would enable us to achieve more and have a better impact on the community.  As a result, a revised plan for Year 4 was created with can be viewed here

Our plan for Year 4 identifies 6 focused key areas to work on, which shapes the output of our programme at present:

Partnership Board Cohesion and Development
Marketing and Events
Volunteering and Engagement
Youth Provision
Community Chest

We have a strong and committed Partnership Board made up of local residents and others who work or socialise in Wormholt and White City and we also have an employed staff team of 3 who you can find out more about here.


What does this project mean for me?

Well, if you live, work or play in this community then this project is here for you; to hear your ideas, give you the opportunity to shape your community for the better, offer support, guidance and the financial backing to get great ideas off the ground, provide volunteering opportunities for you to learn new skills and make new friends and so much more. This project really is led and shaped by local people for the benefit of the local community. You can be at the heart of it in terms of leading the project forward or you can enjoy the benefits by attending events and activities and training sessions we host in Wormholt and White City.

Here at Wormholt and White City Big Local we feel passionately that this project can be a force for real positive change in our community and we’re determined to make these changes sustainable so that it doesn’t all come to a close when the 10 year project is up. The only way for this to happen is to ensure that this project is led, owned and championed by local people. This project gives us access to the money and resources we need to enable local people to flourish and excel so that great and lasting changes can be made to our area that have a positive impact on our whole community. We’d love for you to be a part of it. Find out more about getting involved.